Double-A Chain

Introduction to Double-A Chain

Double-A Chain is a next-gen chain featuring decentralization, high transaction speed, and low gas fees. It’s compatible with smart contracts and supports high-performance transactions. The token of the Double-A Chain is AAC, which adopts the APoS consensus mechanism. Double-A Chain will empower the Metaverse and Web3.0 ecosystem by establishing underlying high-performance infrastructure and advancing the rapid implementation and sustainable development of application scenarios such as Gamefi and NFT.


To assist developers to participate in every construction stage of Metaverse and Web 3.0.


Technological innovation is the ongoing mission of the blockchain industry, and it is also the driving force behind the digitalized world. We have witnessed the explosion of NFTs and the beginning of the metaverse. When Ethereum and other chains face problems such as network congestion and rising gas fees, Double-A Chain believes that establishing an efficient and friendly blockchain infrastructure will accelerate the success of the Metaverse, Web3.0 and other digital revolutions. Therefore, the mission of Double-A Chain is not only to be a public chain but also to focus on discovering and supporting high-potential Metaverse, Web3.0 developers and innovative projects. Relying on the Double-A Chain ecosystem, Double-A Chain is committed to becoming the birthplace of blockchain innovation, especially around Metaverse and Web3.0. Furthermore, to build a complete ecological cycle of technology development, application promotion, and asset trading.

Double-A Chain Performance

  • TPS:1000+

  • Average block interval:3s

  • Gas fee:3gwei

Consensus Mechanism

Double-A Chain adopts the APoS consensus mechanism combining PoA+DPoS, jointly governed by verification nodes and voters. As a result, it has the characteristics of democracy, high efficiency, low gas fee, low latency, and high concurrency.

Economic Model

  1. The total supply of AAC is 12 billion. After that, an additional 5% (600 million) will be supplied every year on top of the total amount of 12 billion coins, with no limitation. AAC’s additional supply mechanism adopts a hard fork; that is, at a certain point (specified block height), 600 million coins are added to the staking contract. To separate a hard fork requires more than half of the nodes to agree.

  2. Token Allocation:

    a. Initial offering(12 billion): Huobi current holder-about 5.45 billion.OKEx current holder-about 2 billion. Other exchanges and token holders of the Ethereum chain will supply about 4.55 billion

    b. All AACs supplied every year are set up as a reward pool for nodes.

    • 49% of the prize pool will be distributed to node administrator according to the proportion of votes obtained by validators;

    • 40% of the prize pool will be distributed to users who voted according to the proportion of votes obtained by validators.

    • 11% of the prize pool, divided equally among all candidate nodes and users. If there are less than 11 candidate nodes, the total reward for this part will be reduced to { prize pool amount x 1% x the actual number of candidate nodes }. (To prevent only 1 candidate node available and the node takes all 11%)

Double-A Chain Technical Characteristics

  • An open and decentralized network to maintain the security of the network and assets.

  • Faster transaction speed, lower transaction fee.

  • Supports EVM programmability smart contract compatibility to reduce migration costs for developers.

  • Support cross-chain asset transfer to optimize users’ experience.

Four Stages of Double-A Chain

Double-A ChainTechnical Route
Sub Stage
Technical Highlights
The Initial version of Double-A Chain.
The system is stable and easy to use.
Developers can develop and promote Dapps at a low cost.
Users can participate in Dapps on Double-A Chain without hesitation
2021 Q4-2022 Q2
Public Beta
High transaction volume
Low costs
Low transaction latency
Node Election
Safer and decentralized
AAC is officiallyofferedand meets the demand for nodestake
Basic tools ready
Ecosystem Incubation
Systematic technical service
Support variety of wallets and explorer
The protocol is further optimized.
Double-A Chain shoulder the mission of connecting Metaverse, web3.0, and DeFi, allowing more users to join and use Metaverse and web3.0 applications.
2022 Q3-Q4
Developer Services
Full developers’ kit
Complete developer forum, blog and FAQ information
The rapid development of on-chain ecological infrastructure
All-new Open ID
The personalized portal accurately matches DApps for users
Enable our Bridge and expand performance while retaining the decentralized advantages of distributed protocols.
2023 Q1-Q2
Cross-chain interoperate contract
Cross-chain interoperability protocol
More cross-chain application
Governance tools are further improved
Landing of large-scale commercial applications. Support a variety of traditional businesses to run smoothly on the chain
2023 Q3

Full Technical Support
Support variety of virtual machines
Multiple zero-knowledge proofs and privacy protection capabilities
Multiple signature capability
Storage compression and expansion solution
Multidimensional Fragmentation Scheme 

Support Plan of Double-A Chain

Financial Support

Double-A Chain will set up a special fund to invest, support and incentivize high-potential developers. Double-A Chain will launch various developer events and competitions to discover and fund talented developers. The Double-A Chain meta-transaction function will gradually reduce the gas fee for users holding AAC to minimize the cost of using Double-A Chain DApps.

Resource Support

Projects or developers that have received investment and support from Double-A Chain have the opportunity to get official news reports and apply for marketing service packages and promote their projects globally. High-quality projects can participate in Double-A Chain global roadshows for free. Double-A Chain foundation will open up ecological resources to high-potential developers, matching the win-win cooperation between developers and our ecological partners.

Participate in Test Environment of Double-A Chain

Risk Warning

  • Double-A Chain does not charge users to participate in the current test environment and subsequent chain stages.

  • Developers shall distinguish the test environment from the Mainnet. Assets generated in the test environment have no value. Beware of fraudulent acclivities such as counterfeit.

  • Developers shall only participate in announcements, promotions and other collaborations that Double-A Chain announces through the official communities; check carefully to avoid scams.

  • Check the official website’s address before proceeding with any operation( Also, NEVER SHARE YOUR PRIVATE KEY WITH OTHERS.